4life Research Review – 4life Research Just Another Hyped Company?

You will learn in this 4Life Research Review whether 4Life is HYPE or not. The company was founded by David Lisonbee. They are a privately held company based out of Sandy Utah. David and his wife Bianca have over 40 years in network marketing experience. David also had 11 years experience in a nutraceutical company he co-founded in 1985.

This 4Life Research Review will also explain the science behind the company. While David was with his first nutraceutical company he found that many diseases were linked to germs that or immune system could not handle. So that is when he discovered micro-proteins from cow colostrum. David believes that these molecules transfer immune knowledge from the donor to the recipient. Therefore the patent for the Transfer Factor was put in place.

You will also learn in this 4Life Research Review. That they have a broad line on nutritional products, personal care, energy stix, and various other products and packs. That use the Transfer Factor method in each product.

4Life Research’s compensation plan is a little vague it seems that you can sponsor as many first generation reps as possible. Although you can only get paid on 3 levels deep. Which also depends how much your monthly orders are you can jump right in and be a Diamond are above then you can receive deeper levels. Depending on your Diamond level. You can get paid by retail sales and other bonuses 4Life Research has for different leadership levels..

So to answer if this company is legitimate business opportunity. Yes, they have made it through the start up years. They have Patents for there Transfer Factor technology. Although they have no NSF certification for the quality of the ingredients. Which is a key to knowing if there ingredients are of top quality.

This 4Life Research Review detailed out the specific opportunity they provide. It doesn’t mean anything if you can not build a big enough tribe. It really doesn’t matter what company you are in if you can not generate leads and convert those leads. If you would like to learn more on how to create massive success. In any Network Marketing company you choose then you will need to learn the skills of lead generation and conversion.

Eiro Research Review – Is This MLM Business Legit?

In this Eiro Research review, I would like to provide you with more information pertaining to this opportunity, so that you can make an informed, and educated decision regarding which home based business opportunity is best suited for you and your family.

Eiro Research is a newer company, that like many other MLM companies, markets health related products. Eiro Research was created by Chris Haufman and Joe O’Conner, and was launched in 2009 with a mission to develop innovative wellness solutions, and provide education on the health benefits of overall wellness. They have combined their business with a network marketing business opportunity to promote and market their business on a world-wide scale.

Eiro Research advertises their opportunity as a way to create a flexible work schedule, with the ability to work from home. They also advertise that their compensation plan offers a superior earning potential, with the ability to earn additional income as you help others to achieve success in their business.

Eiro Research Compensation Plan. How do you get paid?

The Eiro Research compensation plan consists of 5 components.

1. Retail profits:
This is based on your personal sales of their products. When you achieve sales, you are paid on the spread between retail and wholesale prices.

2. Preferred Customer Bonus:
If you decide not to participate in the business opportunity, but still want to enjoy their products; you are given the opportunity to become a preferred customer. Your only requirement is to sign up for their autoship program.

3. Team Building:
You are paid based upon the success of team members that you bring into the business. If they are successful, Eiro Research will reward you accordingly.

4. Infinity Bonus:
If you reach a high level of success with Eiro Research, they offer a bonus that is paid out to associates who are building very large organizations.

5. Check Matching Bonuses:
This is reserved for the Top leaders in their organization. Again, it is based upon the success of your team. The more that your team grows, the more you are rewarded.

In my opinion, Eiro Research is a legitimate MLM business opportunity. Eiro Research is not a scam, and you can make money here. However, their marketing training is built around the traditional method of making a list, and sharing your opportunity with family and friends. You are expected to conduct home meetings, and hotel presentations. In my opinion, this manner of marketing will not create long-term success in this opportunity, or any other type of business opportunity. In our modern world, you need to utilize the power of the internet to introduce your business to thousands upon thousands of prospects, and not just to your small network of family and friends in their living room.